Spartacus and his Household Cavalry Story

The Household Cavalry Foundation, as well as supporting the soldiers and dependants of the Regimental family, also provides support and assistance to a number of horse welfare organisations that care for and rehome the horses when they retire. Horses start their military career between the ages of 4 and 6 and serve until their twenties. For years the Household Cavalry retired horses have found homes with civilian owners and horse welfare organisations. The Foundation hopes to support these kind benefactors by offering assistance, financial and otherwise. Two of the Household Cavalrys more famous horses are youngsters now but, after a full career, will look at being rehomed like their veteran stable mates.

Spartacus’s Story

Spartacus, The Household Cavalry’s long-distinguished Drum Horse, meets War Horse puppet Joey in Hyde Park – and he was more than a little bemused!

Here’s a photo of Spartacus “in action” with the Household Cavalry.

There was a particularly emotional moment during the Taittinger Household Cavalry Musical Ride, when Spartacus, was retired after 16 years of service. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as he was led out to “Auld Lang Syne”. He will now live at the Somerset home of Claire Laverick”.

For those of you wondering what’s since happened to Spartacus. Here’s a picture of him now enjoying a happy retirement in the field of his owner Clare Laverick. Here it looks like ‘Sparky’ is teaching a two year old, Excalibur, to “Stand Out”.

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