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Household Cavalry Foundation Fund

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The Household Cavalry Foundation Fund

The Household Cavalry Foundation has been set up to care for the men, families, horses and heritage of Britain’s Senior Regiment.

Whether caring for soldiers injured on operations or providing relief to retired veterans and their dependants, the Household Cavalry Foundation aims to provide an umbrella of support to its Regimental family.

The Foundation is in place to provide succour to five charitable aims;

• Soldier Welfare: To provide support to, and promote the efficiency of, serving members of the Household Cavalry. Whether to relieve distress or hardship, assist those injured on training or in peacetime, or encourage sport, adventure training, team building or charitable endeavour, the Household Cavalry Foundation is there to care for all men serving both home and abroad.

• Casualty Welfare: To provide financial support to injured soldiers and their families, including those who have lost their lives on active service, through the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund.

• Veterans Welfare: Relieve past members of the Household Cavalry and their dependents who are in need, hardship or distress, or those who have become seriously ill, or have broader welfare needs.

• Horse Welfare: To provide and support, financial or otherwise, to organisations and individuals involved in the welfare of our horses such as the Horse Trust.

• Maintain the Fabric of the Household Cavalry: To ensure the maintenance of our operational and ceremonial heritage and ethos, museums and archives, regimental property, and recruiting.

Monies raised for The Household Cavalry Foundation is to help the wounded soldiers, their families and also the horses – their care not only while they are actively serving in The Cavalry but also their care once they retire from their “duties”. No soldier or horse is ever forgotten by The Household Cavalry.